Communication & Dissemination

This section collects all the official material produced by C3HARME as well as the publications that disseminate the results achieved by the project. A detailed list of the events in which the project has been presented can be found on the EVENTS page. If you are interested in communicating about  C³HARME get in contact with our communication partner INsrl.


Y. Zhang & S. Sanvito.First‐principles investigation of the thermodynamic stability of MB2 materials surfaces (M = Ti/Zr/Hf) Journal of the American Ceramic Society (March 2018).
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A. Vinci, L. Zoli, D. Sciti. Influence of SiC content on the oxidation of carbon fibre reinforced ZrB2/SiC composites at 1500 and 1650°C in air. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, In Press
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R. Savino, L. Criscuolo, G.D. Di Martino, S. Mungiguerra. Aero-thermo-chemical characterization of ultra-high-temperature ceramics for aerospace applications. Journal of the European Ceramic Society, Volume 38, Issue 8, July 2018, Pages 2937-2953
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L. Silvestroni, K. Stricker, D. Sciti, H.J. Kleebeb. Understanding the oxidation behavior of a ZrB2-MoSi2composite at ultra-high temperatures. Acta Materialia, March 2018
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Vinci A., Zoli L., Sciti D., Cesare M. & Guicciardi S. Understanding the mechanical properties of novel UHTCMCs through random forest and regression tree analysis. Materials & Design in press, (2018)
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Zoli L, Galizia P, Silvestroni L, Sciti D. Synthesis of group IV and V metal diboride nanocrystals via borothermal reduction with sodium borohydride. J Am Ceram Soc. 2018;00:1–11
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L. Zoli, A. Vinci, L. Silvestroni, D. Sciti, M. Reece, S. Grasso. Rapid spark plasma sintering to produce dense UHTCs reinforced with undamaged carbon fibres. Materials and Design, Volume 130, 15 September 2017, Pages 1-7
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P. Galizia, S. Failla, L. Zoli, D. Sciti. Tough salami-inspired Cf/ZrB2 UHTCMCs produced by electrophoretic deposition Journal of the European Ceramic Society, Volume 38, Issue 2, February 2018, Pages 403-409.
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A.Vinci, L. Zoli, E. Landi, D. Sciti. Oxidation behaviour of a continuous carbon fibre reinforced ZrB2–SiC composite. Corrosion Scienc,Volume 123, 15 July 2017, Pages 129–138 (Open Access)
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L. Zoli, D. Sciti. Efficacy of a ZrB2 – SiC matrix in protecting C fibres from oxidation in novel UHTCMC materials. Materials & Design 113 (2017).
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Press Releases

Project Introduction (italian) – ISTEC

Project Introduction (english/italian) – UNIVERSITY OF NAPLES

Project Introduction (english) – UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM

Project Introduction (spanish)- TECNALIA


A brochure to introduce the key concepts of the C³HARME project.

The Official C³HARME poster from 2017

Presentations by D. Sciti, L. Zoli and J.Binner at the dedicated C3HARME session at the High-Temperature Ceramics: Materials for Extreme Environment Applications IV Conference in Windsor (September 17-20, 2017).


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