Nanoker Research

Team Leader

Sergio Rivera

Nanoker Research is a recently created company (2011) dedicated to the manufacturing and commercialization of advanced technical ceramic solutions for several fields of application. Despite being established only recently, Nanoker Research has an expertise of nearly 20 years in the development of materials for different fields of application and has continued with the activities of two former companies, called Bioker (established in 2006) and Keratec (established in 1999), which are now considered as trademarks for their main core businesses. Within its daily routine, the company produces ceramics for high temperature applications as it has the industrial experience related with the raw material synthesis, processing and characterization. Nanoker manufactures and sells technical ceramics for industrial applications under the trademark Keratec. Nanoker is selling abroad more than 45% of its production and its customers take advantage of its materials for the highest demanding conditions. Some examples are in energy applications, developing materials for nuclear fusion (Ciemat, Cern, Tecnatom), for solar energy (Abengoa Solar) and for heat exchangers in the automotive industry (Rolls Royce and Jaguar). Nanoker performs development contracts for third parties. Within these activities, the company has specialized in the material development field based on the spark plasma sintering (SPS) technology.