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C³HARME (Next Generation Ceramic Composites For Combustion Harsh Environments And Space) is a research project funded under the NMP-19-2015 call of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

The main purpose of C³HARME is the design, development, manufacturing and testing of a new class of Ceramic Matrix Composites based on ultra-high temperature ceramic matrices reinforced with SiC or C fibers suitable for application in severe aerospace environments.

The C³HARME consortium is composed of 3 academic institutions, 3 research centers, 3 large companies and 3 SMEs based in 6 different countries. The consortium ensures a critical mass of scientific expertise and excellence in key areas (materials science, engineering, process technology, material modelling, processing industrial scale up).

The project, started on 1 June 2016, will run for 48 months and it has been funded for a total of 8M€.

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