Scientific Communication

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  • D. Sciti, L. Zoli; UHTCMCs for aerospace environment, (6th International Congress on Ceramics) ICC6, august 21-26 , Dresden, Germany (INVITED)
  • F.Monteverde, R. Savino, A. Cecere. Thermo-chemical surface instabilities of SiC-ZrB2 ceramics in high enthalpy dissociated supersonic airflows, ICACC 2017
  • D. Sciti, A. Vinci, L. Zoli, Developing UHTCMCs: Effect of matrix additives on the resistance to oxidation, The 12th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology (PACRIM 2017), May 21-26, 2017, Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA
  • A. Vinci, L. Zoli, C. Melandri, D. Sciti. Effect of SiC addition on the mechanical properties of ZrB2/SiC/Cf based UHTCMCs, 2016, Aci Castello


A.Vinci, L. Zoli, E. Landi, D. Sciti. Oxidation behaviour of a continuous carbon fibre reinforced ZrB2–SiC composite. Corrosion Scienc,Volume 123, 15 July 2017, Pages 129–138 (Open Access)
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L. Zoli, D. Sciti. Efficacy of a ZrB2 – SiC matrix in protecting C fibres from oxidation in novel UHTCMC materials. Materials & Design 113 (2017).
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International Workshop on Graphene/Ceramic Composites –  Cuenca,  28-30 Sept 2016

Oxidation Behavior of a Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced ZrB2/SiC/Si3N4 Composite. 
A. Vinci, L. Zoli, E. Landi and D. Sciti